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released December 13, 2014

All songs written and performed by Manuel Paris
except "Brother", written by Manuel Paris and Fabien Taverne, performed by Manuel Paris
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kwezy Sam Doctor at Le Bar Live (Roubaix France)
Artwork: HB District / photography: Estelle Paris


all rights reserved



Manuel Paris Lille, France

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Track Name: Manuel Paris - Countryside

Countryside Countryside
Grass is green and the trees so high

Havin’ a break far from the city
in a cool cool place just my Baby and me

In this crazy town I got so tired
Love to be in the countryside

Countryside Countryside
Grass is sweet and it gets me high

Birds are singin’ and it feels so good
To be in the middle of nowhere with nothin’ to do

And in this crazy town I got so tired
Love to be in the countryside

Countryside countryside
My baby’s sweet in the mornin’ light

Feel good when she’s by my side
I guess I’m in love with this girl of mine

And in this crazy town I got so tired
Love to be in the country side

My baby’s sweet in the mornin’ light
Love to be in the countryside

‘cause in this crazy town…
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Old Man Suicide

Listen well
To this story I will tell
Story ‘bout an old man suicide
Shotgun in the head
Every life comes to an end

Sunday mornin’
Cup of coffee in the hand
Lookin at the red October trees
His wife still sleepin’ upstairs
In this room they have shared
For years & years

If you haven’t heard the news
Then listen to my blues
You will hear ‘bout the old man suicide
He could have died of disease
Would have we shed more tears
And what does it change for us now

Hear this song
‘bout one who did not belong
in this life no more
Another man passed away
We’ll all have to die someday
And that’s for sure

Call on the telephone
Beggin’ anyone to come
Lyin’ ‘bout the reason why
“see you right now” he said and hung up
Then he just washed up his cup
And went to his tool shed in the backyard

Not a word of goodbye
Not an explanation why
He has come to such a violent endin’
But his decision was made up
And there ain’t nothin to stop
Death leadin’ its gloomy dancin’

Dead & gone
Pulled the trigger and iy was done
Lyin’ under the grey October sky
Did someone know he had a gun
Did anybody see it comin’
The old man suicide
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Locked Up In The Jungle

Her I am in this filthy cell
Cramped with strangers
Violence here is my daily bread
‘cause I’m locked up in the jungle
My father ‘s worn down by guiltiness and sorrow
My mother says that she ain’t got no son no more
And I am helpless and feelin’ low
Just hidden from the sun
Shut away behind

These walls I can’t stand
These bars I wanna break
Your love I’m missin’
Come and take me away Baby

I’m getting’ to know the dog in me
Without him I could not survive
Among the pack you gotta bare the teeth
Or you may lose your mind
This world used to seem to me so wide
But now I can’t even figure myself out someday
Only yesterday I was a child
Now I’m old for the rest of my days
Torn away from youth by

These walls I can’t stand
These bars I wanna break
Your love I’m missin’
Come and take me away Baby
Come and take me
Come and take me away Baby
Come and take me
This rage inside these dreams so wild
And all these promises turned into lies
They’ve all come up against these walls
They’ve all shattered against these bars
This place is getting’ the better of me
And I swear I did not deserved such a pain
The streets where I grew up are my only sin
Now I got nothin’ to hang on to but believe
you’re gonna save me from

These walls I can’t stand
These bars I wanna break
Your love I’m missin’
Come and take me away Baby
Come and take me away
Come and take me away Baby
Come and take me away
Come and take me away Baby
Come and take me away
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Hard On

Oh my love
Don’t you take me for a fool
You don’t love
Me as much as you used to do

This sweet hope
‘s now just a memory of the past
When we thought
That our love would forever last

Ever since this car crash happened
I’ve been lyin’ on this bed
Unable of a single move
Dribble runnin’ from my lips
Can’t even help soilin’ my sheets
But I can still have a hard on

Oh my Darlin’
I’m not so blind I can’t see
Your kisses
Ain’t as red as they used to be

It has turned chilly
Your touch that used to be so hot
And your well Baby
Must run dry as an empty cup

If I could just move my tongue
I surely would sing you this song
So that you know my mind’s still turnin’ on
But I just can’t whisper in your ear
Or even shed a single tear
All I can do is get a hard on

Oh my Heart
Were they only idle talks
Torn apart
All these promises you broke

When we met
You did yourself up just for me
Now I bet
That you have hardly brushed your teeth

Can’t feel your love anymore
When you’re bathin’ my bedsore
Tell me am I gettin’ of paranoid
But when you wash me and your hands
Come back up along my legs
I still get a hard on
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Sleeping Voice

She took the first train to the city
after the undertaker brought the news
She asked the neighbors to keep the baby
and she left the work she was doing

The sun was beatin' hard through the pane
and she was in sweat but couldn't feel the heat
All she felt was fear instead
and it was chilling her blood on her seat

Faces in the wagon were closed
except this man staring at her so deep
watch him back she just could not afford
she felt like he would guess the secret she had to keep

In the night there were fights in the mountain
this is what the undertaker said
Soldiers found a camp of fighters and chased them
and just a few did escape

A sudden dread appeared on her face
as she was listening to the undertaker's words
then she put on back her mask of indifference
there are some emotions you'd better hide from the world

At dawn the square was full of uniforms
soldiers smoking spitting barking like dogs
there were pictures of dead faces on the wall
And a list with the name of those who had been caught a shot

Last winter on a cold cold night
as she was seven months pregnant he said to her
I gotta leave you my love I gotta go and fight
I must do it for our unborn child's future

He took his rifle and hold her tight
and then he just vanished in the dark
She sat down in the snow and cried
And soon the snow had covered his tracks

"this country's going down my love
Now I know you were right to resist
May your picture not be on the wall
may your name not be on the list”

She got off of the train walking straight
to the square gripping her fears in her fist
praying for her lover to be free and safe
praying for his name not to be on the list

As she saw the pictures in the distance
Her heart went beating faster in her breast
she struggled against herself not to run and
tried to keep inside all that could have made them guess

getting closer she walked along the wall
And after the last picture she finally relieved
Then someone grabbed her by the arm
it was the man of the train it seemed
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Brother

You look good this mornin’ Brother
You look like you’re in love
It feels good to see your face Brother
You look fresh as a rose

We don’t see each other much Brother
That’s just the way things go
And I don’t miss you that much Brother
‘cause I know I got to let you go

My brother’s got a girlfriend
And I am all alone
My brother’s got a girlfriend
And I don’t know what’s goin’ wrong

You’ve found a pretty girl Brother
She seems so nice to me
Believe me I’m not jealous but I don’t feel right
And I am so lonely

My brother’s got a girlfriend
And I feel so blue
My brother’s got a girlfriend
And believe me Bro’ I’m so happy for you

Now you’re movin’ away with her
You’ll build a family and a home
And your child may bare my name
In a place that feels so warm
Track Name: Manuel Paris - Naked Son

it's a new mornin'
Daddy Daddy risin' on the line
I once was the Naked Son
screamin' loud in your lovin' arms

I've been travelin' light
And Daddy Daddy I sometimes lost the line
But the flames have burnt and the song's been played
And here I stand back on this old road again

what a long and beautiful day

It's an old yearnin’
Daddy Daddy deeply burried and then dug up again
I once was the Naked Son
but you grew me up and you made me strong

believe me I'm gonna keep it clean
oh Daddy Daddy I guess you know what I mean
What I used to fear I won't fear no more
and my road is clear now I know just what I'm fightin' for

what a long and beautiful day

someday these flames will burn again
and the song will be played with all of this very rage
it's a long road that has no end
it's a long trail that has no turn

here's a new face
gravely starin' at this brand new world appearin'
here has come my Naked Son
cryin' loud in my lovin' arms

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